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National Lampoon`s Vegas Vacation (1997)

"This time the Griswolds are on a roll"
The Griswolds head off for Las Vegas, as Clark got an extra bonus for developing a food preservative. In the city of fortune, the family ties are once again tested by forces of nature: Ellen finds herself tempted by Wayne Newton, Clark manages to lose all the money the Griswolds own, Rusty, not being 21 years of age yet, hits a lucky streak as Mr. Pappagiorgio and Audrey teams up with Cousin Eddie`s daughter Vickie to dance at very interesting night clubs. Also, the Griswolds nearly cause the breaking of Hoover Dam, Clark meets some of Siegfried and Roy`s white tigers up close and Cousin Eddie, who now owns some land right out of Las Vegas, gladly offers his helping hand. But the feeling of love and family will bring them all back together again, be it richer or poorer than before - what does money matter anyway.
Clark Wilhelm Griswold/ Jr.
Ellen Griswold
Cousin Eddie
Russell `Rusty` Griswold
Audrey Griswold
Cousin Catherine
Cousin Vicki
Himself (as Siegfried)
Mr. Ellis
Limo Driver
Mirage Security Guard
Mirage Reception Person
Girl at Blackjack Table (as Corinna Harney Jones)
Roulette Stickman
Woman in Ferrari
Cousin Ruby Sue
Cousin Denny
Hoover Dam Guide
Bellman (as Seth Walker)
Technical Information
Stephen Kessler
Elisa Bell
Run Time:
95 Mins
UK Cert:
US Cert:
Sensuality, language and thematic elements
DVD Region:
Aspect Ratio:

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